Last call for Happy Hour!

Last call for Happy Hour!

Today's the last day of Oktoberfest at GamePoint. That means you get to enjoy our amazing Happy Hour one more time. Join us between 1-4PM ET and 7-10PM ET for the following:

  • We're filling the pots extra fast for extra SuperBingos! 
  • You'll find that the jackpots in RoyalDice will always be filled up with at least 500 Coins! 
  • Find Free Bingo Cards while playing GamePoint Bingo

Raise your glass and join us today!

Click for FREE Coins! Cheers!

RobinMoses1 -
I wish you would have sales at the beginning of the month. Some people in the U.S. gets their goverment checks than.
kgrace1 -
When is animal day?
AidaGP - 8 October, 2018 9:45 AM
It was October 4th. The gift was handed out on the 5th
RobinMoses1 -
Can we still get the limited collections in the 50 and 250 rooms?
AidaGP - 8 October, 2018 9:36 AM
Oktoberfest has concluded last week, so since... Wednesday I think? There are no more event collections available