New Canister and more in GamePoint Bingo!

New Canister and more in GamePoint Bingo!

We're keeping up the momentum with new features and fixes!

Here's what's new:

  • Brand new canister: The Bingo balls will be bouncing around to a new home and when they roll out, they'll be easy to read (no more upside-down numbers!)
  • New sounds & controls: Additional ways to adjust your personal sound settings via the welcome screen and roomlist as well as new background music!
  • New fireworks: Extra sparkly, extra joyful fireworks to celebrate your win

Here's what's being fixed:

  • Not all winners were announced: Players alerted us to an issue where even though a player won a shared prize (confirmed via payout in the wallet), their name wasn't always announced. 

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MonaLisaPena - 30 January, 2019 10:06 AM
You at GP make changes that nobody asked for! Improvements that weren't needed! You sit and pat yourselves on the back for these so called improvements! Absolutely ridiculous!!! AND what's with the STUPID music after the Bingo has been claimed?! Turn it off! I feel like I'm on hold! TURN IT OFF!!!
MonaLisaPena - 30 January, 2019 10:21 AM
By the way, I turned the music off your changes are still ridiculous! It's ALL a diversion, you think we won't notice that you speed up the games to get people to play more, lose more! AND why have you changed the 50 coin room back to 15 cards? It was more affordable when you had it down to 10! When I first started on GP the 50 coin room was at 15 cards, at some point GP took it down to 10 cards, it was much more affordable, user friendly! Back to 15 cards, this is just another way to get people to lose more coins quicker!
AidaGP - 30 January, 2019 11:33 AM
Thank you for your feedback. :)

Everyone's welcome to crank up the volume or turn the music off. Everyone's welcome to play exactly as many cards as they want (the speed of the balls wasn't adjusted since this update, but it has always varied per room/value).

Wishing you lots of luck in your games and a lovely day
Minniegaga000 - 4 February, 2019 6:27 AM
up top where the sound bell is you can turn off the music
TishMiddleton -
Well your upgrades are certainly not an improvement that is for sure. Everytime you do an upgrade the bingo gets worse. I have noticed that not as many people are playing anymore. Every 4 hours to receive coins is not an IMPROVEMENT that is for sure. Go back and rethinks this.
TishMiddleton -
did not receive any notification on my comment on February 1st... are you not listening to the people who have made comments GP. The rooms are very rarely ever full anymore. DOES that tell you something.
stirlinggp -
I can entirely understand your point of view. We appreciate the feedback that you have provided us and will use it to improve our vision of what the customer wants. We understand that some changes may not resonate with players, but we see it as a necessity to develop and try new things. We hope that you will continue to enjoy playing with us.
Minniegaga000 - 4 February, 2019 6:26 AM
i would rather have the old fireworks back,the way it is now its so loud when someone gets a line i the manual rooms it talks over the next number and you cant here it,it caused me to lose a line in a big sb,some of us are old and we dont have fast enough reflexes to search the balls for called numbers during a quick sb.also i do agree with Mona about the 50 room a lot of us cant afford to play 750 coins the 500 was much better because as it is it seems to be the same repeat winners.thanks!