Flight GP810 is now boarding!

Flight GP810 is now boarding!
Binky had the greatest time enjoying all that Barcelona has to offer. His favorite memories are eating all the delicious Spanish delicacies and visiting the Sagrada Familia. But it is time that we say adios to Barcelona because on October 8th at 4 AM ET Binky is scheduled to arrive at the newest destination in GamePoint Bingo

Any guesses on where we’ll go next?

Play GamePoint Bingo to find out!

Cheekee - 4 October, 2019 10:02 AM
RachelG145 -
MonkMya -
LindaRose68 -
psychic -
Jamimah_ - 7 October, 2019 9:44 PM
thanks for blackliisting me and not letting me win._500,000 in 24 hours just because i complained! after my family spent over 1,200 in 6 weeks.shame on you!!
AidaGP -
Hi Jamimah_, there's no such thing as 'blacklisting'. The game doesn't know what you type, think or say. The balls/cards also don't know your name, your previous results, your dauber preference, whether you've ever deposited or not, etc.

So since it's down to luck, lets wish everyone luck and not disparage anyone.