Want to win 50,000 Coins?

Want to win 50,000 Coins?
On Tuesday, March 10th and on Wednesday, March 11th between 2-5PM ET, special 60 Coin rooms will be available. Every card you play in those rooms will increase your chance to win a prize of 50,000 Coins!

The lucky winner will be announced at approximately 5PM ET. And it could be you!

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oceanjewel - 10 March, 2020 2:20 PM
Jameson12 -
Thanks for the great Bingo Games don't play Bingo anywhere else. Good Luck all!
KarenSs -
Had a notice in the right hand corner of my bingo screen to claim my prize. Before I could get to it, it went away. Do I still get the prize ?? waited all afternoon thne went to bathroom and came bck as notice faded away.. darn...