Part 3 - The Best of GamePoint 2016

Part 3 - The Best of GamePoint 2016
Welcome back to the best of GamePoint 2016.

This time we are looking back to the best of the summer season. Enjoy!

Soccer Fever at GamePoint

GamePoint was watching the European Soccer Championship and cheering for our favorite teams! Everyone cheered along in chat with flags of qualified teams and won Coins if their country won big matches. We also scored special tickets to finale in Paris to giveaway during a live show.

We also hosted the first ever, GamePoint Foosball Championship at our office and broadcasted it for you live! Everyone played honorably and for the opportunity to win Coins for their respective country. France took home the trophy on the foosball table, but unfortunately not on the field.

Enjoyed the sports takeover? Let us know!

Bingo Collections

In July, Bingo got even BETTER thanks to the launch of Bingo Collections! You can now find special collection items on your Bingo cards, daub them all and get pieces towards completing your collection. Once you've completed a collection, you can claim special rewards like Coins, Vouchers and Memberships! There's plenty of rewards thanks to more than 30 collections to start completing!

Have a favorite collection or want a new one added? Let us know!

Summer Games

The Rio de Janeiro games also brought us the first ever GamePoint Summer Games! Over the course of two weeks, you all came together to break records such as the most Coin gifts claimed, RoyalDice games played and Bingo cards claimed. Instead of gold medals for completing your events, you got 2-hourly Coin gifts, easier RoyalDice jackpots and Extra SuperBingos! And the opening ceremony was of course, a big giveaway to win lots of Coins, Slot Coins and Memberships!

Made good memories during the Summer Games? Share them with us!

What was your favorite event this summer? Come back tomorrow to read the last part of the year, autumn & winter!


kgrace1 -
Gamepoint foot ball. was the best. thanks for lots of events this year gp.
BrendaRae3 - 3 January, 2017 4:45 PM
So what happened to the bingo collections??