Happy Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day!
Today we celebrate International Friendship Day! How do you usually spend this day? Are you hanging out with friends? Do you go to parties? Are you going out to dinner with your bestie? Or maybe a barbecue? These are all ways that some of us are used to spending this amazing day.

During the current situation it will be harder to meet up with your friends, so we think it’s extra important to let your friends know what they mean to you and show your appreciation. So, be extra nice to your friends and fellow GamePoint players in the chat today!

Speaking of friends, we found two good friends (bjd3 and hennykb1), we’d like you to meet through a little interview.

What are your names and how long have you been playing on GamePoint?

bjd3: My name is Elisabeth and I’ve been playing on GamePoint for 11 years.

hennykb1: My name is Henny and I’ve been playing for a long time.

How did you meet and how long have you been friends?

bjd3: We met while playing in Gouden Koets (Dutch room) where we were playing with a few other players and we had a fun group all together. Sometimes we played in Rollende Rakkers (Dutch room) as well.

hennykb1: We met while playing GamePoint Bingo in the room Gouden Koets (Dutch room). We’ve had so much fun with many other players in that room, but when RoyalDice came out, we started playing that game. I think it’s been more than 11 years of friendship.

How do you usually spend Friend’s Day, now and in previous years?

bjd3: By meeting each other as much as possible, which unfortunately is not possible right now because of the Corona situation. She lives in Zoetermeer and I live in Wijk bij Duurstede. Thankfully we call each other often.

hennykb1: Unfortunately we don’t live close to each other, but we meet at least twice a year. However, because of the Corona situation we haven’t been able to meet up this year.

Do you play GamePoint games against each other? If yes, which games and how often do you talk to each other?

bjd3: Yes, RoyalDice and we talk to each other a lot in private chat. Sometimes we call during our game, because it’s easier when we want to play and talk at the same time. We always have a lot to tell each other. In the past, we used to play a lot with others and we taught others how to play RoyalDice. That was a lot of fun.

hennykb1: We play RoyalDice against each other almost every night and we talk to each other a lot in the chat, but when we don’t feel like typing, we just call each other and we’ll be on the phone for hours.

What’s one fun thing that you have in common?

bjd3: We had to type DELETE a lot, because we always say the same thing. Not only about our game, but also things we heard on the news. Because we were watching Hart van Nederland (Dutch TV program) while playing our games as well. We always laughed a lot and then we would say ‘’Give me a tissue, because I can’t hold it anymore!!’’ (To help with the tears of laughter)

hennykb1: We kind of know what the other is going to say and then we say the same thing a lot. After that we say ''Lolly, we said the same thing again’’, because we say lolly instead of sorry.

What’s the best gift a friend has ever given you on Friend’s Day or that you’ve given a friend?

bjd3: The best gift is our friendship, mutual respect and the fact that we try to meet each other as much as possible. We’re also there for each other, in good and bad times. We’ve been through a lot, for example we both became grandmothers.

hennykb1: Friendship is the most important gift and we always support each other.

We hope you enjoyed this little interview with bjd3 and hennykb1. We sure did! Their friendship inspired us a lot and we hope it inspired you too. As a gift to you, you will have received a Coin gift when you first entered one of our games today. Enjoy!

Thank you for being our friend and we hope you have an amazing day!

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