50% Extra Coins for a limited-time

50% Extra Coins for a limited-time
Celebrate love today with 50% Extra Coins!  Take advantage of our limited-time Sale and receive 50% Extra Coins on every deposit! These Extra Coins come in addition to the VIP and SuperVIP bonuses, so become SuperVIP now and double your Coins!

Been working to get the limited-time Collections in the 50 and 500 Coin rooms? Play Bingo now to complete them to get additional Coin prizes!

And thanks to week-long discounts, treat yourself to the Heart dauber in Bingo and the Pink Dice and Rose Cup in RoyalDice!

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kgrace1 -
Doing the 10.00 dollar one would be nice. not going over that. sorry.
Sneak_A_Peek -
is there a link for the party bingo winners?
AidaGP - 14 February, 2017 12:38 PM
Hi there, here's a link where you can see the winners from Bingo Party: https://www.gamepoint.com/bingotournament.php