Discounts on Daubers, Cups, Dice!

Discounts on Daubers, Cups, Dice!
Had your eye on a Bingo Dauber or maybe a RoyalDice Cup or Dice for a while? TODAY is your chance to treat yourself thanks to 50% off in-game items! Find a new favorite dauber for your Bingo cards or change up your luck with a new RoyalDice cup.

The discounts on Bingo Heart Dauber and the RoyalDice Rose Cup and Pink Dice will continue, but the savings on all other daubers, cups and dice last only today!

And don't forget, tomorrow is our big giveaway! At 6PM EST, come online in your favorite game and you can win prizes like Coins and Memberships. The grand prize is perfect for Valentine's Day, the Ultimate Chocolate Basket, piled high with Godiva treats! Will you share it with someone special if you win it?

Enjoy 50% off Bingo daubers and RoyalDice Cups & Dice!

kgrace1 -
Thank you. XXXX Good Luck to all players. Big wins for all. And me?
dancinglady -
yes good luck everyone x x
dancinglady -
how do i get my picture on the game site please x
AidaGP - 14 February, 2017 12:35 PM
Hey there, you can upload an avatar by clicking twice at the very top left of the game screen. You should get a screen to upload a picture of your choosing