Win 100 GRAND!

Win 100 GRAND!
From today to March 17th, GamePoint's treating you to daily giveaways at 8PM EST! Make sure you're online for a chance to win Coins and Memberships. That means every day you could take home a pot of Gold filled with 100,000 COINS!

The GamePoint Golden Days are far from over. Don't forget that you can still get cards for the Bingo Millionaire on March 17th! Click here for the full overview of all the amazing events happening during the Golden Days.

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kgrace1 -
Thank You Gamepoint.Hope I am feeling up to getting back on line. XXX Good Luck to all of us.
DianaA893 - 14 March, 2017 7:09 PM
What happened to St. Patrick's Day Event Smilies? The moderator last night said to post the Pot Of Gold one for the big prize but those of us in my room didn't have one. Sure could use one of the prizes Thanks much for your help GP
mdzee - 15 March, 2017 2:26 AM
I was going to ask about the "Event" emojis but see it was done. Someone commented they has seen the Pot of Gold--so how did some of us miss out??
EllenS48 -
I am another player who never saw the 'pot of gold'. I have noticed it is very, very hard to collect when you have special collectables.....or special events. I have been playing all day the 10 coin room so I could get the St. Patrick day collectable, and they hardly ever come up on the cards. We certainly can't collect them, if they don't even come up while we play. I always play the maximum amount of cards in every game!.
AidaGP - 16 March, 2017 10:06 AM
Hi Ellen. The only tangible pot of gold is probably the event smiley, which I'll poke the techs to turn on when they have a minute (so this also answers mdzee).

As for the collections, it looks like you've already collected all of them from the 10 Coin rooms! You also claimed the 400 Coin prize, so congratulations. There's no rhyme or reason as to when they appear, it's completely random. So while you're playing Bingo anyway, it's an extra way to give out Coins and goodies.
JillHarrison - 16 March, 2017 5:27 AM
Would just like to say thank your for the VIP, was a great surprise when i logged on this morning xxxooo
AidaGP - 16 March, 2017 10:08 AM
Hi Jill! During our Live Show on Facebook, we drew your name because you left a comment on the post that asked for participants. And our Wheel of Fortune decided that you should get a week of VIP!

If you want to watch it back, here's a link: