Spin the Wheel of SuperBingo!

Spin the Wheel of SuperBingo!
Today you can enjoy extra SuperBingos with a twist! Play GamePoint Bingo at 1PM ET and follow our live video next to the game. You can watch us spin the Wheel of SuperBingo live and find out where we are going to fill up the next SuperBingo pot!

Extra SuperBingos mean extra chances for you to win huge coin prizes. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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MonaLisaPena -
Just in case no one has ever told you at "GP" this before I'm telling you now, your
"POP-UPS" every time we change a room, are absolutely ridiculous! SERIOUSLY!!!
And while I'm on that same subject of "POP-UPS" at first starting a game, having to click away 3,4 sometimes 5 windows, I close one, here comes another and another
just to get to "BINGO?" STOP IT!!!
It's annoying! Do you as a "game/website" get paid every time someone clicks on something? AND IF NOT! Stop being so annoying!!!