Look at all the prizes you unlocked!

Look at all the prizes you unlocked!
Well done! You all came together and unlocked lots of prizes so far. Players who helped to fill up the bar got free Coins and unlocked 24 hours of getting the last card free in select rooms when buying all. Everyone also got a new free dauber unlocked. The Diamond Dauber will be around permanently and of course, for FREE.

Everyone also unlocked a round of Bingo Millionaire next week! We'll announce details at a later date, but there will be a special room with a huge pot that we'll kick off with a MILLION COINS. But as part of the prize, all players who contributed to filling up the bar will receive a FREE Bingo Millionaire card when the round starts.

Keep on playing to unlock more prizes!

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HopperFroggie -
very exciting good luck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OldBaldFatGuy -
This is a complaint on slots. The daily advancement for bonuses is not happening. I have bought a lot of chips in the past and feel I can not do it again if you are in the process of fazing out the slots. I enjoy the slots and play them regularly. Please straighten out the daily advancement of bonusses.

Thank you,

AidaGP -
So your free Slot Coins have a base rate, and that bonus can go up/stay up when you log in on consecutive days (just like the other Coins). It looks like there's a day missing here and there in between and that's why a bonus can reset back.

Collect that gift every day to keep increasing the bonus and keeping it at the highest amount