Binky in Winter Wonderland!

Binky in Winter Wonderland!
Binky has departed Amsterdam for the cold and magical Winter Wonderland, and that means there’s BRAND NEW Collections in GamePoint Bingo! Enjoy Winter Wonderland in true wintry style with collections like "ugly sweaters," festive holiday cards and delicious gingerbread cookies. Don’t forget, each new Collection in GamePoint Bingo is a new opportunity to play for additional rewards!

But the fun doesn’t stop there because we also have brand-new daubers and smileys for you to enjoy!

Let us know which new Collection is your favorite!

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RedCat2 -
None of them....a waste of coins!!! Usually I have to play 7 to 10 games to get ONE item in a collection. The only thing I can count on when I see I have a collection card is that I won't get a bingo or pattern and most time not even a line. Binky can pack up his baggage and take a long trip and never return as far as I am concerned!!!!
DebbieFowlerUre -
NanPN100 -
getting tired of hearing about your random bs. Your games are not random, they are fixed. In a regular bingo hall there is very little chance of the same person winning again and again playing bingo and yet in your rooms it is usually always the same people over and over. WHY DON'T YOU JUST ADMIT YOU RUN A SCAM AND LEAVE IT AT THAT. AT LEAST I HAVE BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO NOT PUT REAL MONEY INTO IT, BUT YEAH YOU SURE SCAM A SHITLOAD OF PEOPLE
DebbieFowlerUre -
TOTALLY AGREE i have never won a super bingo and have been playing for many years