A message from GamePoint!

A message from GamePoint!
Over the past few months the Global Pandemic COVID-19 has affected all of us, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Here are GamePoint we have made all the required changes to ensure the safety and security of our employees. Fortunately, in this age of technology, we are able to work from home while continuing to provide you with endless fun on our platforms.

Please note that due to shifting schedules it may take us a little bit longer than usual to respond to your emails. However, do not worry, we can assure you that we will respond accordingly as quickly as possible. We are sorry for this possible inconvenience but are thankful for your patience.

We hope to continue to bring you endless fun during these trying times. Stay safe, stay healthy, and look out for each other.

Kind regards,
Your GamePoint team

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whiskeygirl -
We appreciate you all for keeping our entertainment going, however with the additional people home now instead of work the server seems to be getting bogged down
BassAckwards - 25 March, 2020 5:09 PM
hows about give away afew free coins or UP the hourly free coins, so many at home now! Maybe as BETTER deal on purchases?! Help people STAY HOME and be healthy! Many have played here for many years...give us all a well deserved break in our time of hardship! Just a novel though gamepoint! After all, we ARE all in this TOGETHER!
WillNotWin -
agreed! lets have some better deals to help us enjoy your games as we all stay home to help spread this TERRIBLE and DEADLY virus! PLEASE stay safe EVERYONE, and please self isolate!!!!!
ManInTheMoon -
GP i would love to see some adult rooms,maybe without the childish annoying emojis,none of the preschool collection items like the dinosaurs for example and maybe the option to close the chat to not have to watch the children argue because forget about WTG and TY because that doesnt happen in gamepoint