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ROSEBUD1 - 26 June, 2018 12:58 AM
why is it 8600 on iphone, 4600 on fb, and 6600on here, this sale is not 100%, what i buy in here all the time, you guys have totally ruined the games, can't win much of anything, and lose all the time, i really believe you give me bad cards, it happens all the time anymore, after ten years in here and being ripped off constantly. i know you won't post this, but i am about to delete this game even though i like it. just feel its unfair, and why can't you let it be a usa room. too many people and if you play the smaller rooms, not enought worth wining. why do you treat us like this, its not me, many of my friends are having the same issues. and why can't you make the collectables better, after you win then all in a certain room, why can't you take it off and put up new ones to win, my favorite rooms are 250 room, have no interest playing 25 or under rooms, you made many neat changes, but seems we can't win much like we used to, its all about our buying coins, which are terrible. why put in all these higher paying rooms, and selling still low amount of coins, just sad how you guys ruin it for us. i don't mine buying when i can win something now and then, but darn, i hardly ever win.
AidaGP - 26 June, 2018 4:36 PM
The sale is UP TO one hundred percent. That's what it says on the image in the big red sticker

And by the way, other platforms like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc., include their own costs & fees which drive up the price of Coins. This is something they control and has nothing to do with us. Which is why the best price is always through our website (because we cut out the middle man).

As for your other questions, as we've discussed them before, please refer to the previous answers.