New & Improved: GamePoint Wallet

New & Improved: GamePoint Wallet

GamePoint has received many updates and improvements over the years, but the wallet unfortunately never got an overhaul, until now! The goal has been to make it cleaner and easier to understand by removing redundancies and unclear aspects.

What's the GamePoint Wallet?
The GamePoint Wallet displays your most recently played games and your winnings. The wallet also lets you move Coins between your own savings account and from your in game balance. Having Coins in savings means they're not in your publicly visible Coin balance and you keep Coins from being played with until you move them back. Moving them back and forth is easy, just click on the slider and your balance is immediately updated.

To access your wallet, click on your avatar in the top left corner when you're in-game.

What changed?
The GamePoint Wallet is freshened up and is built directly within the games instead of a separate pop-up that can be hidden by some browsers. (This cleaned up version also opens up the possibility of having these details available on mobile devices in the future.) Some of the redundancies that were removed were the deposit button inside the wallet, transactions and gifts. Transactions for example, are always listed for you within Servicepoint.

Each wallet entry has clear text explaining what took place like, "Played a round in Triple Dice with a pot of 500 Coins." When you win, you'll see a separate entry showing how many Coins you've won.

Questions? Our Support Team is always here for you
If you ever have an additional question or concern about your Coins and the games you've played, our Support Team is here to help. Providing us details, like the exact date, time and stake always helps us respond to you faster.

Go check it out now in GamePoint Bingo and RoyalDice!

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