Spooktacular Halloween Party

Spooktacular Halloween Party

GamePoint's getting ready for one of the best parties of the year, Halloween! We're hanging up spooky decorations in GamePoint Bingo and RoyalDice, as well as adding some treats!

RoyalDice will have a special Halloween Tournament. We've kicking off the winnings with 5,000 Coins, so start rolling for first place and that prize!

There's even more fun to be had in GamePoint Bingo. Go trick or treating for limited-time collections by playing in the 10, 100 or 1,000 Coin rooms. Though instead of candy, there's some sweet Coin prizes you can win when you complete those collections.

Can't forget about dressing up! We're bringing back your favorite Halloween daubers, including a brand new Witch Hat dauber. They're free but only available to use during the Halloween event.

And for those who aren't scared of the dark, we turned off all the lights in the Bingo in the Dark rooms. This just-for-fun rooms give expert and brave GamePoint Bingo players an extra challenge!

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JosephineS12 - 25 October, 2018 3:04 PM
i love the halloween graphics brilliant even better than last year. am loving the daubers also well donr gamepoint.
AidaGP - 26 October, 2018 5:07 PM
Aww, thanks JosephineS12. I'll forward this to the artists. You'll make their day
Skoorbk -
When a Royal Dice is roll automatly mark the score card too.
Tajsa -
i hope we get to keep the cat dauber,it covers so well and easy to see,aslo where are folks getting the halloween photo frame?
IsabelaA27 -
its miserable just like every other event,the same pets win over and over and the constant popup trying sell coins to us poor suckers while the fakes get richer!i'm over this site,tired of giving you chances just to get kicked in the teeth