Roll those Lucky Dice!

Roll those Lucky Dice!
The Golden Days can be a very lucky time for everyone at GamePoint, but none more than RoyalDice players! That's because today, we'll be filling up the jackpots in your favorite rooms between 2-5PM and 8-11PM ET. So roll for that high score and you could win a HUGE pot of gold!

What's your favorite RoyalDice room? Let us know and see if it gets filled!

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BassAckwards -
never ever won a jackpot gp...not even close!
juhh_ - 15 March, 2019 2:38 AM
i wont play those anymore too many are using the yahtzee to win numerous royal dice with scores in the 700s
Minniehaha -
yep something fishy when you score over 500 and dont even place in the tournament