Welcome to the Spring Road

Welcome to the Spring Road
Spring is in full swing at GamePoint Bingo and we are inviting you to follow us on the Spring Road! Start collecting Butterflies and progress towards amazing rewards. At the end of every Bingo round you will receive some Butterflies to help you on your way.

Naturally there's ways to get bigger amounts of Butterflies, like playing in a higher stake Bingo room, joining a SuperBingo, completing a Spring Road collection or collecting your free Coins when your timer expires: just to name a few! There's even a chance that a Butterfly will float through your game; just pop it to collect it!

To celebrate our newest road we are hosting a special giveaway tonight at 8PM EST! Make sure you're there for a chance to win Coin prizes, VIP and more.

Play now to earn those lovely Butterflies and get amazing rewards!

vshimek - 21 May, 2020 10:57 PM
how long does Spring Road go until?
dale02 -
i finished the spring road an won the vip but have not got it yet
I bought the dauber....what a joke....think I popped 2 bubbles since....wow gp....so sad...LOLOLOL
mistygem -
love these roads ty gp and stay safe