Feeling Lucky on Friday the 13th?

Feeling Lucky on Friday the 13th?
If you're superstitious, then you might think Friday the 13th isn't a good day. But here at GamePoint, we want to help you turn any bad luck around!

We're treating you to limited-time collections, available only this weekend (September 13-15). Turn common bad luck symbols, like Spilled Salt, a Broken Mirror or a Black Cat into positive things by collecting them in special rooms for additional prizes.

And the best way to collect those bad luck items, is with a lucky dauber. And lucky for you, select daubers designed to summon good luck are discounted 50% off! That includes the Fortune Cat, Lucky Seven, Horseshoe, Cherries and Rainbow dauber. Treat yourself to a new and lucky dauber and don't let Friday the 13th get you down!

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PearlyGates -
i would really like to know the 10 winners of the millionaire tickets,my family bought numerous tickets!we work and cant be here 24/7 thank you
AidaGP -
Hi PearlyGates, the ten winners have already been notified (there's a personalized pop-up that winners get whenever the next time they go online) and had their prizes delivered. So the winners definitely know if they won.

We try not to draw attention to people who have deposited by globally sharing their names, because maybe they rather keep that personal.