Together we stand with Australia

Together we stand with Australia
As you probably already know in the past few months various regions in Australia have been dealing with devastating and deadly forest fires. Over 100 active fires are destroying precious wildlife and putting in danger tens of thousands of residents and tourists, including taking the lives of over 20 individuals. The situation mandates a response from us all.

To show our support for Australia and our Australian GamePoint Community, we are setting up a special Australian care package promotion and donating a portion ($2) of the proceeds towards the Red Cross' efforts in Australia in this trying time! Purchase this special Coin deal and receive a new Australian-themed GamePoint Bingo dauber and badge to show your support. 

Join us as we stand together to support Australia! Our thoughts are with Australia and our Australian players.


panning_queen - 11 January, 2020 2:27 AM
A lovely idea. Ty GP.

The dauber is cute too.
RamblinIrish -
So you are going to charge me 16 dollars and only give 2 dollars to the red cross? I prefer showing my support by giving direct to the red cross so they get the whole amount and not get gp coins for it but thanks, im sure others will like this tokenistic gift. Surely you can afford at least to give 50% of the sale cost to the red cross rather than keeping 14 dollars of it?
AidaGP -
I think that anyone doing anything in any way to help out is what matters. If you're wanting to give directly to a charity or organization of your choice, any amount of your personal choosing, then that's what counts.
KerryDudley -
Thank You For Donating Love Playing Gampoint Bingo Kerry Dudley From Australia