Minimum requirements
   Minimum system requirements
System requirements
Your computer system must meet the following minimal requirements in order to ensure the best experience on the GamePoint website and games:


Minimum requirements 

To make use of GP Services your computersystem must have the following specifications: 
a. A multimedia PC with internet connection, preferably Broadband;
b. 512Mb internal memory and a video card with a minimal of 64MB memory (higher internal memory is advised due to ongoing system processes that require extra memory and slow down the PC);
c. A Windows Operating System is recommended, minimal Windows 7, higher is recommended
d. A screen resolution of minimum 1024x768 pixels, higher is recommended;
e. A recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (at least IE11, higher is recommended).
f. We recommend the regular use of Windows/Mac update.


GamePoint games require software systems: Flash. Updating Adobe Flash Player
If your web browser is Google Chrome, your Flash player and browser are automatically updated. If you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you can go directly to the Adobe website to update your Flash player:

Updating Web Browsers
Always update your current browser, open it, go to option and update when suggested. You can also remove it from your computer and reinstall the latest version.
  - Google Chrome:
  - Firefox (recommended):

Updating Graphics Driver
Always update your graphics driver. Check the brand of your graphic card and follow the appropriate link.
- Intel:

Virus scanners
Some virus scanners, such as AVG or Avast block connections. If a game does not load due to connection being blocked, we recommend you to remove your virus scanner and install Microsoft Security Essentials (free and certified)